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AAMC’s FY’16 Nursing Annual Report

We are proud to share the FY16 Nursing Annual Report — an overview of all we have accomplished over the last year, as well as an exciting look ahead. Access an electronic version here.

Spotlight on our Nurses

halloween1Edward’s Surgical Pavilion staff took part in Halloween festivities to encourage wellbeing and have a little fun! The Snow White themed costumes brightened the day of patients, families and staff.




IMG_6817Ramona Crone, RN, a staff nurse on the Heart and Vascular Unit, came in with her family in on Christmas Eve, decked out for the season and ready  to deliver fresh baked cookies to the patients on the unit. What a neat thing to do for others!




Salisbury nurses on JSUVanessa Rivas, RN, a new grad nurse on Joint and Spine, sent this photo of the crew of nurses on JSU who attended Salisbury University. “We all happened to work together yesterday and decided to take a picture,” she stated. “Cathy Herrman, RN, graduated in December 2014, Brendan Glowacki, RN, in May of 2015, and Kaitlynn Ford, RN, and I both graduated together in May of 2016!”





AAMC-Nurses-740x475Evelyn Farkas, RN, and Carly Hresko, RN, both Mother Baby nurses, spent 12 days assisting a medical relief team in the jungles of Nicaragua. This particular trip was a humanitarian mission, giving aid to a community recently hit by a devastating hurricane.



Thanksgiving-Basket1Our AAMC community provided more than 200 food baskets, along with more than $3,000 in grocery gift cards to benefit families in need. More than 80 departments helped make this happen.