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Continuing Education

Anne Arundel Medical Center has recently added a new, expanded CE Center! This CE Center, located within Healthstream, will replace the discontinued Nursing Spectrum CEdirect program. The Healthstream CE Center provides a “one-stop” for your educational and record keeping needs.

The CE Center library provides:

  • CE Center is an unlimited use, CE library that is provided by AAMC at no cost to you.
  • CE Center library contains over 1,800 courses and thousands of hours of CE credit for Nursing, Pharmacy and most of our Allied Health professionals.
  • Some courses may be assigned to you for specific purposes. However, you are free to self-enroll in any course you wish – these will all show up on your To Do tab.
  • All courses you complete in CE Center will be recorded on your Completed tab and recognized by your manager. This is also where you will find a copy of your certificate of completion (remember to complete Discipline and State in My Profile to receive the appropriate credit).

Click here to learn how to start taking courses: CECenterClinical StudentSteps powerpoint

To get started earning CEUs today, feel free to search courses within the CE Center tab and self-enroll. If you to have any questions related to the CE Center, please email Stacey Cole at or the Clinical Education Office at