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MNA Contact Hours

Please check this page each time you plan an educational activity to ensure there are no changes in required documentation.

To apply for contact hours, access documents and submit to Monica Mewshaw six weeks prior to the educational activity (Sajak Pavilion, Suite 255,, office 443.481.1535, fax 443.481.4494).

Applications should include the following documents:

If your activity will have a sponsor, commercial support or a co-provider, you will need to select the corresponding form(s) from the list of documents below to complete your application packet. Not sure which is applicable? Click on the forms, the definitions of each relationship are defined.

As you are planning, remember these important components of adult learning theory:

  • Adult learners are autonomous and self-directed: presenters must actively involve adult participants in the learning process and serve as facilitators for them.
  • Adult learners have accumulated a foundation of life experiences and knowledge: presenters must connect learning to this knowledge/experience base
  • Adult learners are goal-oriented: presenters must show participants how continuing education will help them attain their goals
  • Adult learners are relevancy-oriented: presenters must identify how continuing education is applicable to their work or responsibilities.
  • Adult learners are practical: presenters must show learners explicitly how the lesson will be useful to them on the job.
  • Adult learners must be shown respect: presenters must acknowledge the wealth of experiences that adult participants bring to the classroom.