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Patient and Family Centered care isn’t a skill set, it’s a mindset.

What is Patient and Family Centered Care (PFCC)?

Working with patients and families—instead of doing to and for them. That is Patient- and Family-Centered care. Why is collaborating with patients and families so important? Well, healthcare providers are the “experts” in the medical field, while our patients and their families are “experts” on the patient. PFCC defines caregivers as everyone and anyone that has the ability to affect the patient care experience.

What does PFCC look like at AAMC?

It is everyone across the hospital caring in a manner that incorporates the four core concepts of PFCC: Dignity and Respect, Information Sharing, Participation and Collaboration. Every patient and family member is treated in a manner that maintains their dignity and respects their preferences. Every patient and family is given timely, useful and accurate information in order to make decisions about their care and level of participation. Every patient and family is welcome to participate with the healthcare team on a level that is comfortable for them. Patients and families work in collaboration with the healthcare team to make decisions locally about the care of their loved or globally to help create hospital wide policies, practices and programs.

Beginning June 1, our new visiting policy welcomes families 24 hours a day, as the patient and/or family wishes.

We are also working to bring patients and families as advisors to workgroups, committees and taskforces to add their unique perspective and aid in the decision making process. As of May 1, 2011 we have engaged 15 patient and family advisors in our organization. Collaboration at the hospital-wide level is one of the core concepts of PFCC and we are seeking patient and famly advisors. If you are interested or know someone who is, e-mail


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How do I find out more?

The Institute for Patient- and Family-Centered Care:

The Picker Institute:

On the intranet: go to Medical Library, then to the Patient and Family Centered Care file