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Nursing Clinical Ladder

Thinking about joining AAMC’s Clinical Ladder? This page contains all the information and forms you will need to prepare, apply and schedule your review. Make sure to read about the new Ladder revisions – there are even more opportunities for AAMC nurses to get on board!

Congratulations to all of our current Clinical Ladder participants! Click here to see a complete list of your colleagues who are already on the Ladder.

Before you apply

  • Attend a Professional Development Session. You’ll be able to ask questions, practice presenting your portfolio, meet with clinical ladder coaches and view sample portfolios. These sessions are held the second Thursday of each month in the LEED lobby.
  • Review the Nursing Clinical Ladder application instructions.
  • Read over the Nursing Clinical Ladder criteria and Scoring Tool on the intranet by clicking here and searching Clinical Ladder.

Prepare your application

  • Complete a Nursing Clinical Ladder Application on the intranet by clicking here and searching Clinical Ladder. This packet contains everything you’ll need to get started, including the requirements for each level.

Present your portfolio

  • Practice presenting your portfolio. This tip sheet for the interview offers practical advice.

Still have questions?