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Want to be part of the solution in improving care to our patients? Then become a Bedside Scientist and receive up to $1,000 in grant funding to conduct your evidence based quality improvement project or research study. Grant funding is available to all clinical staff, including nursing and clinical support staff.

To provide additional support to grant writers, the Nursing Research Council will provide feedback to all grant proposal writers in advance. Details are provided in the grant application. Please contact Cathaleen Ley at with any questions or to make an appointment to brainstorm ideas in advance.

Not sure what all this is about? Check out this video – you’ll learn more about the grant and how others have used these funds to improve the quality of patient care at AAMC.

Congratulations to our FY2015 Bedside Scientists!

These scientists received grant funding to conduct quality improvement projects or research studies. Stay tuned for more information about their projects and outcomes.Bedside Scientist Grant FY 2015 Blog Article


Virtual Posters

The Effect of White Noise Machines in Decreasing Hospital Noise: A Bedside Scientist Project

Mobility of Patients with Stroke: Neuro Care Unit and Rehabilitation Interdisciplinary Bedside Scientist Grant

A Pre-Test Post-Test Intervention Study to Determine if an End-of-Life Educational Intervention Will Increase the Comfort Level of Nursing Staff in Providing Care to Patients at the End-of-Life

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