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  Patient and Family Advisors

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Become a Patient and Family Advisor

Share your experience and help us improve.
Advisors provide direct influence on the policies, programs and practices that affect your care and services. This role allows our patients and their families to get involved as we work to improve our practices and guidelines. You have the chance to give input on one of many committees and projects.
As an advisor, you’ll receive an orientation and be paired with a hospital employee to assist you in your new position.

Who can be an advisor?

Advisors are needed for many projects. Anyone who has an interest can call and talk to us about opportunities.

Would you make a good patient and family advisor?

While no special experience, qualifications or expertise is necessary to become a patient and family advisor, we look for individuals who:

If you are interested, please contact Jeanne Morris, advisor coordinator, at 443-481-6054 or use our online form .

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