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  Patient and Family Advisors

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For Staff: Working With Patient and Family Advisors

Request a Patient and Family Advisor

Click here to request a patient and family advisor for your project.

Advisor Etiquette

Communication is the key to a successful employee-advisor relationship.

Keep the advisor updated on the project’s progress.

Remember, advisors are volunteers.

Advisors are our partners.

Although we may have differing opinions at times, we share a common goal: to enhance care at Anne Arundel Medical Center.


Make a Referral

Do you know someone who would make a good patient and family advisor? While no special experience, qualifications or expertise is necessary to become a patient and family advisor, it is helpful to look for individuals who:

A personal invitation from an employee is the most valuable way to connect to a potential advisor. If the patient or family member is interested in becoming an advisor, send his/her name and contact information to

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