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OB-GYN Hospitalist Program

Anne Arundel Medical Center offers an OB-GYN Hospitalist Program that gives expectant mothers access to highly skilled, around-the-clock care from experienced, board-certified obstetrician/gynecologists. Having these hospitalists on staff improves response time, communication and coordination among staff members and enables us to provide more comprehensive care.

How do OB-GYN hospitalists assist patients?

How does a hospitalist work with my primary OB-GYN?

OB-GYN hospitalists collaborate with your physician to provide the best medical care, keeping him or her informed of your medical condition and progress. They are also available to consult or assist with any emergencies.

Will my hospitalist be involved in follow-up care?

Usually, your relationship with your hospitalist is limited to your time spent as an inpatient. Hospitalists do, however, make themselves available to primary care physicians and specialists for patient consultations.

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