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Maternal Fetal Medicine

High Risk and MFM content

Most pregnancies are normal and free of complications, but expectant mothers sometimes require the expertise of a maternal-fetal specialist to supplement the care provided by her OB-GYN. Also known as perinatologists, these physicians provide specialized testing, ongoing monitoring and procedures to ensure the best possible outcome in a pregnancy.

If your OB-GYN determines that your pregnancy is high-risk, he or she may refer you to the specialists at the Center for Maternal Fetal Medicine at Anne Arundel Medical Center.

A pregnancy can be considered high risk for a number of reasons, including:

After an initial consultation, patients may undergo diagnostic tests to evaluate the health of mother and baby. Our goal is to identify potential problems in a high-risk pregnancy early and accurately. We will continue to collaborate with your referring OB-GYN to manage your progress and care.

Center for Maternal Fetal Medicine services:

Genetic counseling

Couples who are aware that there may be risks to a pregnancy and wish to understand and minimize these risks in advance can take advantage of our genetic counseling services. One of our maternal fetal medicine specialists will discuss risk factors and options and recommend additional testing if appropriate.

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