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Genetic Counseling and Genetic Testing for Cancer

Some cancers have a genetic component, which means the cancer is passed through the genes in a family. Two of the most well known genes that cause breast cancer are called BRCA1 and BRCA2.

Our genetic counselors provide information and support to people who have a family history or other predisposition to developing cancer.

Genetic Counseling for Cancer in Annapolis, Md.

Counselors are available to:

Patients are generally referred to our genetic counselors by their physicians, but can also request a consultation.

Gene Testing for Cancer

Genetic counselors can also help coordinate testing and provide guidance about insurance authorization and reimbursement.

Testing is generally available through specialty laboratories. Learning the results of testing can give patients reassurance and motivation to practice better prevention strategies. Patients and families can greatly benefit from extra understanding of their risks.

Cost of Genetic Testing

Most insurance companies will not yet cover genetic counseling, but if the counselor recommends testing as a medical necessity, companies will usually cover 80-100 percent of the laboratory costs.

If you have further questions, or wish to speak with a genetic counselor or schedule an appointment, call 443-481-4295.

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