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Physician-Fellows Hone Excellence in Best Practices to Keep You Well

When you receive treatment or services for breast cancer or other breast conditions, you can feel confident your care matches current best practices in breast care. Our physicians are board-certified. The Rebecca Fortney Breast Center also sponsors a one year breast surgery fellowship program making it one of only 35 such facilities nationwide to offer such a comprehensive program.

Surgeons in the fellowship program gain experience in breast radiology and pathology, medical and radiation oncology, and psychosocial/supportive care. They work with patients, performing procedures while following a rigorous curriculum and leadership training.

Weekly Review by Our Experts Keeps Your Care on Track

To ensure breast cancer patients get the best possible care, The Breast Center's tumor board holds weekly conferences with multiple cancer specialists who review current patient cases, providing recommendations and suggestions gives our patients confidence that a team of experts is reviewing many options for their care. The board includes representatives from Medical Oncology, Radiation Oncology, Surgery (Breast, Plastics and Reconstruction), Radiology, Pathology, Lymphedema, Clinical Trials, Tumor Registry, Psychiatry, Oncology Nursing, Physical Therapy and Social Work

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