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The Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery team at Anne Arundel Medical Center specializes in helping patients overcome the effects of surgery (including surgery for breast cancer), tumors, trauma, burns and congenital deformities to restore form, function and self-image.

What is the difference Between Plastic Surgery and Reconstructive Surgery?

Reconstructive surgery is typically performed to correct facial and body abnormalities. These conditions may be birth defects or may be caused by an accident or other trauma, disease, or aging, or may be performed after a medical procedure such as breast surgery or tumor removal.

Plastic surgery is performed to reshape or repair areas of the body in order to improve facial or body appearance.  Patients may choose this type of surgery to enhance body image or self-esteem after disease, or to correct a defect or disorder. 

Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Treatments in Annapolis, Md.

At Anne Arundel Medical Center, we offer patients the latest treatment options in both plastic surgery and reconstructive surgery. Procedures include:

Coordinated Plastic & Reconstructive Surgical Care

Some plastic and reconstructive surgeries may be performed in stages, using a series of procedures. Throughout this process, our surgeons coordinate patients' care with a multi-disciplinary team of specialists as needed, to provide the most comprehensive services.

The Region's Most Comprehensive Plastic & Reconstructive Surgical Care for Breast Cancer Patients

At Anne Arundel Medical Center, breast cancer patients get the best of both worlds: our expert plastic and reconstructive surgery team and our award-winning Breast Center team, working together as one coordinated unit. This collaboration gives patients the most comprehensive and state-of-the-art breast diagnostic, treatment and reconstructive services, all in one convenient, comfortable and compassionate setting. Learn more about our Breast Center.

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