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Spiritual Care

Anne Arundel Medical Center has a long tradition of responsiveness to the spiritual needs of individuals and families. Team members minister to the spiritual needs of patients and their families when patients are apprehensive about surgery or overwhelmed by illness. They can serve as resources during the time surrounding the death of a loved one, at the point of decision-making regarding artificial life support and other difficult situations.

Holistic Approach to Spiritual Care

The approach of the team is holistic — to support all aspects of a patient's care and to expand spiritual services to patients, their families and staff members. Their goal is to work with the patients wherever they may be in their spirituality journey in order to assist the healing process.

Each member of the Spiritual Care Team is highly trained in pastoral care and counseling above the basic seminary requirements.

Contact Us

To contact the hospital chaplain on duty, dial 443-481-5120 and leave a voice message, or ask a nurse to order a consultation. The Spiritual Care Office is located in the Acute Care Pavilion on the first floor, next to the Meditation Center. A team member is available for emergency assistance 24 hours a day by paging through the hospital operator.

You can also contact us in Patient and Family Support Program at 1-800-966-2619.

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