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Meet Our Survivorship Team

Our Survivorship team consists of highly skilled professionals in areas such as counseling, social work, and medical and financial assistance. They are happy to meet with patients and provide guidance and recommendations. At the Institute, we believe there is a connection between our patients and those who treat our patients. Our Patient and Family Services program includes many resources we offer our patients and their families, by providing access to information and professionals who can help with their psychosocial, emotional and spiritual issues.

Two leaders on the Survivorship Team include Ravin Garg, MD, medical director, medical oncologist, and supported in part by a grant from Susan G. Komen of Maryland, who works with breast cancer survivors to help answer some of those questions, and Monique Willingham, nurse practitioner, Survivorship Program.

Dr. Ravin Garg

Ravin Garg, MD, Medical Director

Dr. Ravin Garg

Monique Willingham, NP, Survivorship Program

Amy Vance

Amy Vance, RN, BSN Cancer Prevention Coordinator

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