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Geaton and JoAnn DeCesaris Cancer Center Institute Cancer Registry 2016 Annual Report

Brain and Spine Oncology Program

If you are facing possible brain cancer or a spinal tumor, you want the care, expertise and experience of board-certified neurosurgeons that have a full complement of advanced treatment technologies to treat you.

At our Brain and Spine Oncology Program, our doctors diagnose and treat cancers of the central nervous system as well as benign conditions such as tumors on the spine and benign tumors in the brain. Our surgeons, radiation oncologists and medical oncologists collaborate to develop treatment plans, discussing options and formulating the best approaches for you.

Brain Cancer and Cancer of the Spine Diagnosis

Our neurosurgeons and neuro-oncologists (neurologists who specialize in treating cancer) treat both common tumors in the brain and spine, as well as rare tumors on the spine and brain cancer. These include:

Treatment for Brain Cancer and Spinal Tumors in Annapolis, MD

Surgeons evaluate the size and location of a brain or spine tumor before developing a treatment plan. Surgery to remove a tumor is often an unacceptable option because so much healthy brain tissue is at risk during surgery.

When surgery is not an option, our neurosurgeons treat tumors with chemotherapy or radiation or a combination of the two. However, some drugs are not suitable for brain tumor treatment because they cannot pass the blood-brain barrier.

For these patients, we offer a highly advanced radiation system, called stereotactic radiosurgery, or Novalis TX. These highly targeted beams destroy the tumor without harming healthy surrounding tissues in the brain and spinal column.

Clinical Trials for Brain Cancer and Spinal Tumors

Our physicians are involved in a wide variety of research opportunities and clinical trials, giving our patients access to cutting-edge technologies and treatment offerings. Patients have the option to participate in research conducted at AAMC and at other locations across the nation.

In addition, the Anne Arundel Health System Research Institute is an inaugural affiliate of the Johns Hopkins Clinical Research Network. The network's goal is to allow patients at regional health systems such as AAMC to benefit from their advances in areas such as diagnostic, treatment, and disease prevention. This affiliation gives our patients access to authoritative clinical research and an even wider range of options in patient care. Learn more about our research.

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