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Geaton and JoAnn DeCesaris Cancer Center Institute Cancer Registry 2016 Annual Report

Endoscopic Ultrasound (EUS)

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News that a spot (lesion), deep in your lung, has been found and a lung biopsy needs to be performed raises many concerns and emotions. It is important to know that you may have options when choosing a lung biopsy procedure with your doctor. One choice is a minimally-invasive procedure using the i·Logic™ System by superDimension. Using electromagnetic navigation technology, this procedure helps doctors reach lesions deep in the lungs with minimal trauma to the patient and enables them to diagnose benign and malignant lung disease.

The superDimension i·Logic™ System uses Electromagnetic Navigation Bronchoscopy® (ENB)™ to provide minimally invasive access to lesions deep in the lungs as well as mediastinal lymph nodes. By extending the reach of conventional bronchoscopes, the i·Logic System enables physicians to diagnose benign and malignant lung lesions enhancing treatment decisions and avoiding the need for higher-risk procedures.

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