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The Infusion Center

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The Infusion Center provides a comfortable, supportive atmosphere for our patients and their families. Infusion treatments are administered in our convenient private outpatient facility. Scheduling is flexible to ensure that patients have easy access to the care they need.

Most of our outpatients receive chemotherapy treatments at the Infusion Center.

What is an infusion center?

Patients receive a wide range of treatments, including chemotherapy, blood transfusions, immune therapies, fluid therapy, and daily antibiotics. A multidisciplinary medical team that includes physicians, pharmacists, nurses and outpatient therapists, as well as pharmacy, laboratory and Emergency Department staff, coordinates these treatments.

Infusion Therapy in Annapolis, Maryland

All of our nurses are oncology-certified to administer chemotherapy. We have several members of the Infusion Center team on staff—a clinical pharmacist, technician, the Infusion Center director and a nurse--who are available during daily clinical hours to take care of medication-related issues such as side effects, dosage changes and medication changes.

Outpatient Infusion Services

Our outpatient infusion services include:

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