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Geaton and JoAnn DeCesaris Cancer Center Institute Cancer Registry 2016 Annual Report

Nutrition Services

Good nutrition helps patients cope with all aspects of cancer care. Patients who eat well are better able to recover from surgery and manage symptoms from chemotherapy and radiation. Poor nutritional status can alter the immune system and affect a patient’s ability to continue treatment.

Nutrition During Cancer Treatment

Our DeCesaris dietitians and nutritionists will counsel you during cancer treatment and provide information and practical strategies to help you handle the emotional and physical stresses of dealing with cancer.

Nutritionists will:

Nutrition Screening Tool

Our DeCesaris dietitians administer a nutrition-screening tool to identify patients at high risk for compromised nutrition. Patients are referred through radiation oncology, chemo-infusion, and their physicians’ offices, and may request a nutrition consultation at any time.

AAMC also provides comprehensive nutrition services through our Wellness Department. For more information about nutrition counseling, programs, and support groups, please contact 443-481-5368.

Other Resources

The American Cancer Society’s Dietitian on Call 1-888-227-6333 provides personalized nutrition counseling for cancer patients and answers nutrition-related questions. To request a free referral call 1-888-227-6333.

Contact Us

You can call us to arrange a nutritional consult at the Patient and Family Support Program 1-800-966-2619.

Nutrition Resources

Description: PDFNutrition Resources for the Cancer Patient

Nutrition Assessment Form

Click here to read and download our nutrition assessment form
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Print this form and fill it out prior to your next appointment.

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