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Anne Arundel Medical Center has two PET/CT scanners. Our doctors use these advanced imaging tools for cancer diagnosis and treatment.

PET Imaging in Annapolis, Maryland

PET (Positron Emission Tomography) finds tumors by detecting the metabolic activity associated with tumor growth, while CT (Computed Tomography) pinpoints the exact physical location of lesions. PET/CT blends these two images, merging patient anatomy and physiology into a single image. This technology aids in the diagnosis of lymphoma and all solid tumors, except prostate cancer.

PET Scan for Cancer

At AAMC, our radiation oncology team uses the GE Discovery PET/CT scanner and the GE Discovery PET/CT 600 Scanner. Cancer specialists use both systems extensively to:

The GE Discovery PET/CT 600 has two additional benefits: the scanner is faster, which reduces the radiation dose and improves patients comfort for those up to 500 pounds.

Our PET/CT 600 is the only outpatient diagnostic PET/CT scanner in Anne Arundel County. This scanner is designed specifically for early diagnosis, and offers the flexibility to serve as a diagnostic CT, with the opportunity for contrast-enhanced CTs. Contrast-enhanced CTs allow your doctors to visualize tumor growth in comparison to healthy tissue.

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