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Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery

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Patients suffering from certain types of cancer may seek plastic and reconstructive surgery during or after treatment.  Breast, head and neck, and skin cancer are cancers that can potentially cause disfigurement. Our plastic surgeons specialize in oncoplasty, which is the surgical treatment of cancers while restoring cosmetic appeal.

Reconstructive Plastic Surgery in Annapolis, Md.

One of the most well known forms of reconstructive plastic surgery is breast reconstruction after or during treatment for breast cancer. Depending on the size of the tumor, your doctors may recommend reconstructive surgery after removal of the tumor.  Or, they may encourage you to wait until after all of your treatments, including chemotherapy and radiation treatment are complete.

Our plastic surgeons specialize in many of the advanced breast reconstructive techniques, including flaps and image reconstruction. Read more about reconstructive breast surgery at Anne Arundel Medical Center.

Plastic Surgeons

When you select your surgical oncologist, you are choosing a physician who has spent additional years of training learning how to perform surgery specifically for the removal and treatment of cancer. When you choose a plastic surgeon for reconstruction, you also want to choose a surgeon who specifically specializes in reconstruction after cancer. Our surgeons have years of experience working on complex reconstructions of the face, breast and other cosmetically important parts of the body. Often, they work together with your surgical oncologist to plan both sets of surgeries so you emerge with the best possible cosmetic and functional outcome.

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