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Geaton and JoAnn DeCesaris Cancer Center Institute Cancer Registry 2016 Annual Report

Skin and Soft Tissue Cancer Program

The good news is that when skin cancer is caught early, it is extremely treatable. However, many times, it is not caught until it has spread, complicating and prolonging treatment. That is why it is so critical to schedule a yearly screening with one of our dermatologists, so he or she can assess your skin for any potential skin cancer.

Skin Cancer Treatment in Annapolis, Maryland

Our dermatologic oncologists (dermatologists who specialize in skin cancer) diagnose and treat skin malignancies including:

Our Approach to Skin Cancer Treatment

Our dermatologic surgeons, surgical oncologists, radiation oncologists, medical oncologists, dermatologists and pathologists collaborate to develop treatment plans and manage the care of patients with these conditions, discussing options and formulating the best approaches for case-specific care.  We offer advanced approaches to treatment including Mohs Surgery, a specialized type of skin cancer surgery, as well as plastic surgery for reconstruction. 

Our doctors also can identify if skin cancer has spread, using sentinel lymph node biopsies, which use a specially colored dye to see if the cancer has travelled into your lymph nodes.

No matter the findings of your biopsies, or your prognosis, our team will work with you to create a personalized treatment plan that addresses your lifestyle and needs. We also offer supportive care, so you can find social workers, support groups, nutrition services and spiritual care.

Skin and Soft Tissue Cancer Clinical Trials

Our physicians are involved in a wide variety of research opportunities and clinical trials, giving our patients access to cutting-edge technologies and treatment offerings. Patients have the option to participate in research conducted at AAMC and at other locations across the nation.

In addition, the Anne Arundel Health System Research Institute has been named the inaugural affiliate of the Johns Hopkins Clinical Research Network. The network’s goal is to allow patients at regional health systems such as AAMC to benefit from their advances in areas such as diagnostic, treatment, and disease prevention. This affiliation gives our patients access to authoritative clinical research and an even wider range of options in patient care.  Learn more about our research.

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