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Tobacco use is linked to many types of cancer such as lung, oral, head and neck, as well as heart disease and emphysema. Nicotine is the most addictive drug known, and giving it up means breaking old habits and adopting new ones. Statistics show that smokers attempting to quit on their own succeed only five percent of the time.

How to Quit Smoking
Smoking cessation programs have proven to be the help many people need to "kick" the cigarette or chewing habit for the last time. Our staff works with patients and primary care physicians to develop a "stop smoking plan" that meets specific needs and manages withdrawal symptoms and lifestyle changes.

Quitting Smoking Products
Counselors who are specially trained in treating those with the addictive and behavioral issues associated with tobacco use direct the program. They are supported by physicians and staff who have additional resources available for nicotine addiction.

Our Services

Individual Counseling
Initial visits are arranged by a referring physician or by self-referral. Participants complete a smoking history questionnaire and meet with a counselor one-on-one. Counselors consult with all referring physicians about the treatment plan and continue to offer advice, encouragement and additional resources where necessary. We make follow-up counseling phone calls at intervals throughout the year.

Group Therapy
"Becoming Smoke-Free" classes are held throughout the year. Sessions cover issues related to maintaining a smoke-free lifestyle. Some topics include quitting smoking without gaining weight, managing stress, and dealing with other smokers. Contact askAAMC at (443) 481-5366 or 5367 for class dates and times.

Adolescent Programs
Counselors are available to work with teenagers who want to quit smoking. AAMC is also working in cooperation with the Anne Arundel County Health Department to address the rise in adolescent smoking. We individualize programs to meet the special needs of teens.

Corporate Program
The Nicotine Dependence Program can bring help to local businesses. We schedule individual counseling and group meetings in the morning, lunchtime or evening. Counselors work with human resource departments to individualize a program to fit the specific needs of the business.

Contact Us
To contact the Smoking Cessation/ Nicotine Dependence Program, call (443) 481-5366 or 5367.

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