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Geaton and JoAnn DeCesaris Cancer Center Institute Cancer Registry 2016 Annual Report

Surgical Oncology Program

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Surgery is an essential component of treating cancer patients, and the specialty ofsurgical oncology focuses on the surgical management of many different types of cancer. Physicians who are trained as surgical oncologists receive extra instruction in the radical resection of tumors and in other areas related to removing malignancies using surgical procedures.

Surgery for Cancer

At the DeCesaris Institute, we believe the best results for patients come from the coordinated efforts of a multidisciplinary medical team. When treating patients, our surgical oncologists determine how their specialties, (including pancreatic, colorectal, thyroid, skin and gall bladder cancers, among many others) fits within a larger context of cancer care.

Team of Cancer Doctors

Not only are they experts in delicate and complex procedures, they are experienced at working as part of a comprehensive group of physicians, therapists and technicians, including medical and radiation oncologists, pathologists and other DeCesaris specialists.

Our fellowship-trained surgical oncologists handle a large volume of specialized procedures. Patients benefit from their experience and from their increased familiarity with the procedures they perform. In addition, these physicians share their knowledge with medical students and surgical residents as medical school faculty members, and participate in a variety of clinical trials and research related to their specialties.

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