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Lung and Thoracic Cancer Program

Dr. Stephen Cattaneo talks about early detection for lung cancer.
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We are committed to providing you with the highest quality, comprehensive patient care.

Rapid Access Chest and Lung Assessment Program

If your doctor has told you that you have a suspicious mass on your lung CT or X-ray, you want answers quickly. At AAMC, we offer a rapid access program, where you can see our thoracic and lung cancer experts within a few business days to decide on a course of action so you can get the answers you need.

Advanced Diagnosis for Lung Cancer in Annapolis, MD

By far, the first step in lung and other chest wall cancer treatment is determining where in the lungs the cancer is growing, and if it has spread. Our doctors use advanced diagnostic tools, including:

Robot-Assisted Thoracic Surgery at Anne Arundel Medical Center

One of the innovative surgical treatments our doctors perform is robot-assisted thoracic surgery. Your thoracic surgeon uses the arms of a robotic surgical system to perform precise movements previously impossible for a surgeon. In fact, the robotic arms can rotate 360 degrees; the human wrist cannot.

Thoracic surgeons find these robotic surgeries very effective for accessing smaller lymph nodes and other difficult-to-reach areas in your chest. Robotic surgery is also a form of minimally invasive surgery—meaning smaller incisions, which lead to fewer complications and less recovery time for you. Your thoracic surgeon will discuss all aspects of both minimally invasive and robot-assisted thoracic surgery and if either is appropriate for you.

Lung Cancer Team of Experts

Only a team of specialist can truly treat lung cancer using a comprehensive approach. Our multidisciplinary team includes:

Meet our lung and thoracic cancer team.

Lung Screening Quiz

If you answer YES to the any of the following questions you should know about an important new program offered by The DeCesaris Cancer Institute's Thoracic Oncology Program. The program has been specifically designed to address any questions or more importantly, any concerns you may have about, lung screening, lung cancer, smoking and the impact on your health.

Call the AAMC Lung Screening Program at 443-481-5838

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