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Making a Difference: Community Benefit

With a long history of giving back to the community as a not-for-profit community asset, Anne Arundel Medical Center has continuously coordinated efforts, participated in programs and promoted health. Long before an official community benefit report was mandated, we were giving back and making a difference.

Latest year results

In fiscal year 2016, we invested more than $47 million in community benefit.

  1. Community-based care coordination for non-medical needs.
  2. Mental health and substance abuse.
  3. Infant mortality.
  4. Palliative care.
  5. Improved resource planning for North and South County.

View 2017 Community Benefit Report

What's ahead?

AAMC provides leadership and support for Healthy Anne Arundel, a coalition working together to promote health in wellness. Learn more.

Every three years, AAMC partners with local organizations to “take the pulse” of our community’s health through what’s called a community health needs assessment. Just like checking your own pulse and other vital signs, this process allows us to see how well our systems are working and make adjustments as needed. We collected as much data as possible from a variety of sources. We determined our community’s highest-priority health needs and developed an action plan to address them.

View the Anne Arundel County Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA)  Report. You’ll find information about opportunities for health improvement, major health improvement focuses, and data by ZIP code.

View our implementation plan.