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  Corporate Compliance


Note regarding investigations/ confidentiality

If you have questions or concerns regarding the appropriateness of a decision, actions, or practices, consider the following steps:

Shirley Knelly, vice president, Quality and Patient Safety, Corporate Compliance Officer

  1. Communicate with an immediate supervisor or manager.
  2. Talk with a higher level management.
  3. Contact the Corporate Compliance Officer (CCO)
  4. Shirley Knelly:

Avenues for contacting/reporting

You can contact the Compliance Hotline to raise questions and clarify issues or to report suspected violations at any point in time. Reports will be investigated or referred to appropriate personnel for resolution. If you contact the Compliance Hotline, you may choose to remain anonymous, however it can be helpful to have your name and contact information should follow-up information be needed.

We appreciate individuals taking the time to contact us with concerns/questions they may have.

Compliance Hotline


The hotline is a confidential voice messaging system. Voicemails are checked on a regular basis and followed up promptly. Please be sure to provide as many details and facts regarding your concern as possible.


Attn: Corporate Compliance Officer Shirley Knelly
Anne Arundel Medical Center
2001 Medical Parkway
Annapolis, MD 21401

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