2016 Host Search

Anne Arundel Medical Center is seeking hosts for docsTALK. The hosts of docsTALK have the ability to create personas that resonate with audiences and connect with guest experts. Candidates should be physicians and have the ability to talk in-depth on a variety of healthcare topics, including (but not limited to) treatment options, advanced trends in medicine, population health, disease prevention and wellness.

About docsTalk This health education show highlights and explores key medical topics, including the latest information available to help our community stay healthy. The show features live interviews with our medical experts. Afterward, the guest medical experts host breakout sessions where audience members can meet the doctors and get their questions answered.
Job Duties
  • Define direction of each show by working in tandem with the AAMC marketing team to create a clear and creative direction that will resonate with audiences.
  • Study background information and work with the marketing team to prepare for programs or interviews.
  • Introduce or close shows, using memorized or read scripts and/or ad-libs.
  • Interview show guest experts about the show topic and develop a plan to present the information in a clear and concise manner.
  • Make promotional appearances at public or private events to represent docsTALK.
  • Discuss various topics over the telephone with marketing team and guest experts.
  • Select program content, in conjunction with producers and assistants, based on factors such as program specialties, audience tastes, or requests from the public.
  • Attend two, one-hour rehearsals per show to gather information from guest experts and prepare for the show.
  • Provide commentary and conduct interviews during rehearsals and through other modes of communication.
  • Moderate panel discussion during the show and anchor the show.
  • Help locate guest experts for docsTALK.
  • Record commercials and participate in the marketing efforts promoting docsTALK.
  • Open each show and create an entertaining monologue or dialogue between guests or other host.
  • Introduce guest experts and speakers and conduct interviews related to the show topic.
  • Queue videos or other interactive media.
  • Read from a script or autocue, or improvise.
  • Keep the show running on schedule, responding positively and quickly to problems or changes and improvising where necessary.
  • Keep in contact with the director and producer via ear-piece link.
Time Commitment The time commitment for a docsTALK host is flexible. Hosts should plan on attending two, 1-2 hour rehearsals per show, and plan on independently researching each topic, coming prepared to ask questions as they help plan the show. The docsTALK host should be prepared to drive the discussion around making the content informational and entertaining and be developing strategies to engage with the audience when on stage.
What to Expect
  • Pre-show preparation, such as meetings with the producer, researching, writing scripts, rehearsing and post-show review (which includes discussing the show with the producer and beginning advance planning for the next show) all add to the working day.
  • Most work is done via email and phone calls, but may also include meetings outside the normal working day.
  • The docsTALK show takes place in AAMC’s Doordan Institute, but could expand to locations in our primary and secondary markets.
  • Presenters have a public image to maintain and, as a result, must be prepared for some loss of privacy.
  • Excellent communication and presentation skills
  • Performance skills and a clear voice
  • Ability to generate original ideas
  • Personable and confident manner
  • Good research and interviewing skills
  • The ability to take initiative and make quick decisions under pressure
  • Team-working skills
  • Creativity and problem-solving skills

YES, I would like to audition for DocsTalk.