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Doctors Trust AAMC

Titus Abraham, M.D. Annapolis, Maryland
"The decision to undergo joint replacement is a very emotional one."


Patricia Bowyer, M.D., MPH Centreville, Maryland
"Sometimes the real problem can be hidden."


Tamiko Bryant, M.D. Bowie, Maryland
"When my patient experienced heart-related symptoms, I knew where to call."


Patrick Canan, D.O. Annapolis, Maryland
"When people aren't feeling well, they need our very best."


Patricia Czapp, M.D. Annapolis, Maryland
"When a dear friend receives a serious diagnosis, she needs the best advice."


Chandra Graham-Parker, M.D. Bowie and Greenbelt, Maryland
"My mentor taught me to ask for advice when I need it."


Stephen Hansman, M.D. Edgewater, Maryland
"When the patient is your spouse, even a doctor needs reassurance."


Lisa Goldberg Keithley, M.D. Arnold, Maryland
"When giving news about cancer, we just take it one step at a time."


Chasheryl Leslie, M.D. Bowie, Maryland
"I was meant to be an OB/GYN."


Sam Libber, M.D. Annapolis, Maryland
"A child's illness can be especially challenging."


Suzanne Niemela, M.D. Kent Island, Maryland
"I diagnose heart disease in a lot of my patients."


Mark Repka, M.D. Annapolis, Maryland
"When I needed knee surgery, there was no question where I would go."


George Samaras, M.D. Annapolis, Maryland
"AAMC is part of our family's history."


Jeffrey Schmidlein, M.D. Severna Park, Maryland
"When a patient of mine becomes very ill, it's difficult."


Peter Swaby, M.D. Bowie, Maryland
"My wife was being taken to the emergency room."


Joel Wilkerson, M.D. Grasonville, Maryland
"Before my wife's knee surgery, we wanted answers."