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stop_it_webAAMC Smoking Cessation Programs

To reach the AAMC Smoking Cessation/Nicotine Dependence program, call 443-481-5366

Click here for a complete list of smoking cessation resources at AAMC.

Click here for a list of smoking cessation classes at AAMC.

Employee Resources

Find resources for AAMC employees here.

Community Resources:

  • 1-800-QUIT-NOW (1-800-784-8669) or – a free service via phone or on-line, offers counseling & free medications mailed to your home.
  • - website that takes you through the steps of quitting & tracks your progress to keep you motivated
  • Smokefree Women –
  • Nicotine Anonymous – Help to quit smoking 365 days a year
  • UbiQUITous is a quit smoking app on Facebook, it provides support on-line through social networks.
  • Smartphone apps including Livestrong My Quit Coach app, CessationNation app
  • Text to Quit is a program that will send you you tips & encouragement through text messages.  Sign up through

Click here for information on smoking cessation resources at AAMC.