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Happy Healthy Holiday Challenge 2014

Is the holiday season too hectic?  Are you so busy that you forget to take care of yourself?  Would you like a fun way to add ‘happy’ and ‘healthy’ back into your holiday season? If so, join us for the Energize Happy Healthy Holiday Challenge!!

For more information, click here.

To register for the Happy Healthy Holiday Challenge, click here.

To submit your weekly points, click here.

To download a weekly points log, click here.

The Challenge:   

  • The Happy Healthy Holiday Challenge is a fun way to stay focused on your health and well-being during the busy holiday season.  Earn daily points for activities that promote health, stress reduction and the spirit of the season.

The Details:

  • The challenge runs for six weeks: Monday, November 24th – Sunday, January 4th
    • Each week runs from Monday – Sunday
    • Receive a free Energize water bottle when you sign up to help kick start your health holidays!
  • Earn points each day for doing healthy things and taking care of yourself.
    • Log your daily points on a weekly tracking sheet you can download from the Energize website. Download it here.
  • Each week, submit your weekly point totals in a simple online form on the Energize website.
    • You will receive an email reminder to submit your point totals at the end of each week.
  • Pair up with a buddy. Earn a point every day for checking in with your challenge Wellness Buddy and keeping each other motivated.
  • Earn great prizes!
    • Every week we will give out prizes to 5 employees selected randomly from those that submit their weekly points. 
    • Grand prizes will be awarded to those that log the most points throughout the challenge and to those that submit points every week.
  • Get your friends to join you!! Send us a photo of your group of participants and we will post them on the Energize Facebook page.  Awards will be given to the most original photos!

How to Participate:

  • First: Sign up to participate online by clicking here.
  • Each day: Track your points using the easy weekly form available here.
  • Each week: Submit your weekly point totals on a simple online form by clicking here.


How do you know we’re doing what we say we are? We trust you! This challenge is about earning points for things that make you happier and healthier over the holidays. If you feel you earned a point, we agree with you.