Community Fitness Workshops

Enjoy a wonderful class without a long commitment. These specialty fitness classes are perfect to try something new. Click on the links below for specific dates, times and fees.

*Note: Credit card charges for Workshops will appear on your statement from “Evolutions.”  Please contact Energize at AAMC with any billing questions: 443-481-5555.

Yoga for Recovery

Yoga for Recovery focuses on gentle yoga poses, breath work and meditations / visualizations which will increase the parasympathetic functions of the nervous system allowing us to move from stress and fatigue to our “rest and recover” mode. The class will explore our many inner resources in healing from illness, pain and stress. No previous experience with yoga is necessary and all are welcome. Taught by a yoga therapist with a passion for synthesizing the many sheaths or layers of the self: physical, energetic, mental, emotional, and spiritual. Registration for 7 week workshop $105. Limited to 12 participants. Workshop begins in Januray 2015.



Senior Solutions

Senior Solutions is a complete workout for seniors…using a chair! Classes include warm up, seated aerobics, strength training, flexibility exercises, balance training and relaxation in a safe and supportive environment. Classes are held twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 12-1pm. Drop in rate is $15 or purchase the entire month for $10 per class.  For more information contact instructor Serelee Hefler at



Medical Therapeutic Yoga

Learn about evidence-based yoga “pre-postures” with a primary focus on spinal neutral and deep core muscle stabilization. This workshop is designed for anyone with spine or pelvic disorders, arthritis, or chronic pain. Taught by AAMC Outpatient Rehabilitation Licensed Physical Therapist, Veronica Whetsel. Please bring a yoga mat and 2 yoga blankets or beach towels. $120 for 8 week workshop.



Medical Therapeutic Yoga for Athletes

Learn how to do medically-based yoga postures to increase core strength, controlled flexibility, prevent injuries, and improve performance in sports, recreation, and daily functional activities. Learn about medical yoga for shoulder/hip/knee/ankle/spine disorders, aging arthritis, weight loss and more. Taught by AAMC Outpatient Rehabilitation Licensed Physical Therapist, Veronica Whetsel. Bring your own yoga mat, sweat towel and a water bottle. $120 for 8 week workshop.



Prenatal Yoga

A practice to embrace this wonderful time in a woman’s life. Yoga postures and breathing exercises will be practiced to enhance a woman’s comfort during pregnancy and birth. $80 for 8 week workshop.



Strong Women

This evidence-based strength-training program is geared toward midlife and older women. StrongWomen™ provides a positive change to live stronger, healthier lives by providing knowledge, inspiration, and ongoing support. $6 per class.



Tai Chi/Qigong for Wellness

Tai Chi/Qigong are ancient mind body practices that focus on self care. With regular practice you will notice improvement in managing stress, better sleep and balanced moods. Also recommended in many cases for recovery from surgery and to improve balance. Appropriate for all levels of fitness.



Medically-based Rehabilitative Pilates Mat Workshop

Pilates emphasizes core strength and flexibility while enhancing functional fitness and movement.  This workshop is beneficial for those ready to increase endurance, strength and function in a supervised setting to avoid undue fatigue, injury or pain. Modifications are taught to allow exercises to be performed safely.

Workshop led by AAMC Physical Therapist Shelia Craig Whiteman, a certified lymphedema therapist and is a STAR certified cancer rehabilitation physical therapist.  Cost of the 7 week workshop is $105.  Workshop begins in January 2015.




AAMC Staff Fitness Workshops

Small Group Training

Individual attention geared towards personal achievement with specific feedback surrounding form, alignment, progression and overall program guidance. These are essentially personal training sessions at half the cost of a health club.





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