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Classes and Descriptions

Barre Body Sculpt

A full-body, high-energy, no-impact strengthening workout done at the ballet barre. Guaranteed to sculpt your body and build your strength!

Body Strength and Core

A total body strengthening workout to tone you from head-to-toe; includes a special focus on abs and core.

Cardio Strength Fitness

Designed for all levels of fitness,a perfect blend of heart-pounding cardiovascular drills to increase energy and strength training to improve posture. No matter what your shape or size, get ready to embrace the meaning of self improvement.

Total Body Fitness

A full body workout combining strength training and cardiovascular work that will build head-to-toe lean body mass, muscular endurance and a healthy happy heart.

Pilates for a Healthy Spine

Pilates is all about moving efficiently. Using the deep core muscles of the powerhouse, the abs, back and pelvic floor to support our posture allows the shoulders to relax.

Yoga & Meditation 

The practice of yoga can help you reduce stress and relax body and mind through postures. Improve your flexibility, strength, coordination and concentration.   All levels are welcome.

Yoga Flow

Building on the basics, learn ways to go deeper into the practice linking postures together along with breath. Intermediate and more advanced posture variations are introduced.

Yoga Gentle Chair

Designed for those with physical limitations. Using a chair as a prop, learn creative ways to practice the postures to help bring strength and balance. Open to beginners or those with physical limitations (physician consent recommended).

Yoga for Boomers

This entry-level class is designed to provide a foundation of physical postures and breath work for those who are new to yoga.


Fusing Latin rhythms with easy-to-follow moves, ZUMBA helps you achieve long-term benefits while experiencing an exhilarating hour of caloric-burning, body-energizing, awe-inspiring movements.

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