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What’s new this month?

Weight Watcher’s at Work Program 

Join us for the Weight Watcher’s at Work Open House on Wednesday, October 16th at 12:45pm in the Rotary Room (Clatanoff Pavilion).  The new 12-week series of this well-regarded weight management program begins October 23rd in the same location.  AAMC employees pay only $156 for the entire program. (Split Payment option is available.) Contact Abigail Nelson at 443-481-5363 or


 Personal Wellness Coaching for AAMC Staff

Energize offers FREE Individual Wellness Coaching for AAMC staff.  You’ll work with a personal coach (via phone and e-mail) to set goals in areas such as nutrition, fitness, stress reduction, weight loss, or disease prevention. After an initial consultation, your coach will help you to create an action plan to achieve your goals.  Offered through LifeWork Strategies, this program is confidential and tailored to meet your specific needs.  There is no cost to participate except your time and commitment.  For more information, contact Abigail Nelson at