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Success Stories

The Energize Wellness Program

Nurses share how meeting their weight loss goals changed their lives


Take the Stairs: AAMC Energize Together Wellness Movement


Abigail Folkes

As a new employee I have been glad and excited to see the role Energize plays at AAMC. It’s wonderful to see how important it is to the organization and to the corporate culture. As a health conscious, active person I’m glad to work in an environment that celebrates healthy lifestyles and physical activity. I look forward to helping expand this culture at AAMC in Energize’s 2nd year.


Chona Hamrock

The walking challenge last year kick started my return to exercise. I was determined to get at least 10K steps a day for my team, no matter how lazy I felt some days. After the challenge, I started going back to the gym. My favorite is Body Jam class, the only scheduled time I can get my dance groove on nowadays! Because my co-pay ran out w/ my chiropractor, I decided to improve my spine health myself and signed up with my gym’s Pilates Reformer classes as an adjunct to my lessened chiropractor visits. I’ve increased my core strength and flexibility with Pilates. Summer season is upon us, so I’m staying in shape for bathing suit weather! Thanks Energize!


Holly Sowko

I was exposed to the Energize program by my nursing director. She came back from a Wellness Champion meeting with a t-shirt and I wanted one. She said I needed to be a wellness champion and so I joined. After coming to several meeting, I was hooked. I participated in both walking challenges and then decided to try a class. I went to Pam’s boot camp class on Wednesday evening and have never looked back. This kick-started a lifestyle change for me. I have lost 20+ pounds and have gone down a pants size. I took up running and have run a 5k and a 10k. Last year at this time, I would get winded trying to run for two minutes.


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