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A Greener Space About our LEED Building

Resource Efficient and Environmentally Responsible

Green Awards

Anne Arundel Medical Center Awarded LEEDŽ gold Green Building Certification

Maryland Trailblazer Award for commitment to pollution prevention and demonstration of environmental leadership

Recognized by USGBC for “Leeding the Way for Healthcare”


At AAMC, we're proud that our healing enviornment was designed to be kind to the Earth. Our Hospital Pavilion South was built to be as ecologically kind as possible, with sustainability and effi ciency at its heart. Our new building is the fi rst LEED certifi ed hospital tower in Maryland and has earned us a gold rating from the U.S. Green Building Council.

What is LEED?

Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) is an internationally recognized green building certifi cation system, based on credits earned for sustainable practices implemented in the design, construction and function of the building and surrounding ecological system.

Three Principals of Our Sustainability Commitment

  1. To protect the health of our visitors
  2. and staff.
  3. To protect the health of our local environment.
  4. To protect the health of our global community.

Visit our LEED sustainability exhibit, sponsored by The Brick Companies, in the first floor waiting room of the hospital expansion.

How We’ve Grown Our New, Greener Space

Renewable, reusable, recyclable, remarkable
Many of the materials and resources used to create our building came from re-used or renewable resources. Of the 1,280 tons of waste generated during the building’s construction, 1,185 tons were diverted to recycling centers. That’s a recycling rate of 92.6%.
Slowing the flow
From low-flow fixtures and dual-flush plumbing systems, our outdoor irrigation uses recycled water and plants that thrive with little water. These innovative features save 33% in water usage.
A “mean machine” for chemical-free clean
Our chemical free water treatment system reduces our environmental footprint by eliminating potential health problems while reducing microbial particles. Chemical free is the ultimate green choice—another credit to innovation for AAMC.
The energy to LEED
Our new building is designed to reduce consumption of fossil fuels and greenhouse gas emissions by encouraging mass transit and bicycle use. We have a convenient bus stop, a bike path that absorbs rainfall, secure bike racks and preferred parking for hybridfueled vehicles.
Scrap is beautiful
A solid 87% of the steel in our beams and columns is pure scrap, recycled and delivered by a world-class steel company just a short drive from our eco-friendly parking lot.