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Corporate and Foundation Giving

Important Benefits for AAMC and Your Organization.

“First and foremost, reinvesting in the community is a core belief of Sheehy Lexus. I have seen first-hand the comfort and care provided by the nurses. This specialized program [the Nurse Navigator Program] will add to the extraordinary care provided in our community.”

—Paul LaRochelle, Sheehy Lexus

Corporate and foundation giving makes a huge impact in the growth and quality of AAMC programs and patient care. Making a gift pledge through your company, or nonprofit foundation, can also provide important public relations opportunities and potential tax advantages for your company or organization. And it’s the shared passion of our community business and foundation leaders who make so many AAMC new patient care initiatives like these a reality.

Corporate Gifts
Making a gift to AAMC is not only an important contribution to your local hospital, but it’s also a gift that associates your company name with the hugely visible AAMC brand.

Foundation Gifts
The AAMC leadership is proud of the vision and mission goals we share with so many partner foundations. Our joint efforts, and important financial support from community foundations, is what makes so many new upgrades to our facilities and patient care programs possible. Foundation giving allows community groups to align their gifts with specific programs and target their resources where they will have the most impact.

Event Sponsorships
Corporate gifts may also be made in the form of event sponsorships for one of our signature AAMC events such as the annual golf tournament, the gala, or the “Lights on the Bay” tour. Click here to find out more about event sponsorship to make this part of your annual corporate budget.

To find out more about corporate and foundation giving opportunities, please contact Kendra Houghton at 443-481-4739 or email Thank you for your generous support!