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Becoming a Patient

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new patientsAt The Joint Center, you'll work one-on-one with a joint care coordinator, who will guide you through every step of your treatment and rehabilitation process. We've also created a host of patient resources , frequently asked questions, and a photo tour of what to expect to help you prepare for surgery.


Before a treatment plan can be established, your orthopedic surgeon will first determine the reason for, and source of, your condition. This typically involves a comprehensive physical examination and a detailed medical history profile. Preliminary diagnostic tests may then follow, including blood tests and/or x-rays. Find an orthopedic surgeon.

Pre-Op Class

If you and your orthopedic surgeon determine that joint replacement surgery is your course of action, you and your family will attend one of The Joint Center's pre-op classes approximately two weeks before surgery. During the class, you will learn in detail the mechanics of the joint and how they relate to your procedure, and receive a tour of our dedicated unit, so that you may see first-hand the care and treatment you'll receive.

Patient Manual

Every joint replacement patient receives our nationally lauded patient manual - written by our Joint Center doctors and staff and used by hospitals worldwide-which will help you keep track of what to do before, during and after your surgery.

Discharge Planning

Discharge planning is taken care of in advance, and includes efforts, when necessary, to ensure a safe home environment.

After Your Surgery: Joint Camp

The day of or morning after your surgery, you will be helped to your feet, out of your hospital gown and into casual clothes. You're not sick; after all, you're on your way to recovery and an active life again! You'll also take part in what patients and their families have fondly come to call "Joint Camp," an encouraging group healing environment for you and your family. Learn more about Joint Camp.

At Home

Armed with a doctor-prescribed physical therapy plan, your guidebook, and a family member or caregiver trained as your "coach," you'll return home-generally on the third day following surgery-ready to embark on your rehabilitation journey to a better quality of life.

A member of The Joint Center team will contact you about three weeks after surgery to see how you are doing and to get your feedback on your experiences at Anne Arundel Medical Center.

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