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Our Team

The dedicated staff at The Joint Center includes orthopedic surgeons, nurses, physical therapy rehabilitation specialists, care coordinators and volunteers, all specially trained in the treatment of joint pain and joint replacement surgery. Together, we collaborate with you and your family as one team to ensure every aspect of your surgery and recovery are seamless and successful.

Maryland's Most Sought-After Joint Surgery Team

Our orthopedic surgeons, physician assistants, nurses, and operating room staff specialize in knee and hip replacements, and remain trained in the latest joint replacement technology. Our volume of surgery contributes to our medical expertise: AAMC performs 1,700 joint replacements per year-more than any other hospital in the state. The Joint Center also maintains an international reputation, with orthopedic surgeons from across the United States and around the world coming to learn from us.

Physical Therapy Rehabilitation Specialists

Our physical therapy rehabilitation specialists help patients restore and improve mobility and function after surgery. Physical therapist and occupational therapists utilize a range of techniques to help patients improve range of motion, reduce pain, restore function. Your physical therapist also develops individualized fitness and wellness programs which will help you regain your health and mobility.

Compassionate Peer Volunteers

The Joint Center volunteers are a great source of support for patients and their families since many of them have experienced joint replacement surgery themselves. More than 50 volunteers donate their time in The Joint Center, helping out with daily activities. Volunteers are also trained by physical therapists to act as volunteer coaches during your recovery process.

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