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Things to Know Before You Vape

In recent years, electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) have increased substantially in popularity. They are commonly advertised as a “healthier” and cheaper alternative to cigarette smoking. Smoking e-cigarettes, an activity known as vaping, is not approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as a method for smoking cessation. It is important to[…]


Beating Cancer Only to Find There’s Another Battle: Chemo Brain

It was finally time to celebrate. Earl Shellner had just received an honorary certificate for completing a long course of chemotherapy. This was the last big hurdle in his cancer treatment. Earl had already been through surgery and radiation to treat an aggressive form of rectal carcinoma. Now he was cancer[…]

  1. Lisa Beylo: Earl's symptoms sound just like mine. The only difference is that I have not gone through chemo but I have…

  2. Diane Caruso: I, too, have chemo brain. Something I was never told about so I found it terribly scary and embarrassing. I…

  3. Cathy Williams: Very interesting. My 1st thought was is this rehab available to concussion and MS patients? Would the rehab work for…

  4. Lillian Kraus: Great article. I have the same J and D or is it a B problem,etc. Another huge problem I have…

Rebecca Gondak speech language pathologist

Treating Chemo Brain: Excerpts from Living Well with Cancer Podcast

Excerpts from the Living Well with Cancer podcast interview with Rebecca Gondak, speech language pathologist at Anne Arundel Medical Center. Rebecca discusses therapy to treat cognitive impairment, chemo brain, that results from cancer treatment and AAMC’s Cancer Rehab Program. Listen to the entire interview here. What kind of symptoms would you notice in someone with chemo brain?[…]

Interview with Joanne Ebner, supervisor of Anne Arundel Medical Center’s DeCesaris Cancer Institute’s cancer prevention program

Looking for cancer with cancer screenings: Excerpts from Living Well with Cancer Podcast

Excerpts from Living Well with Cancer podcast interview with Joanne Ebner, Supervisor of Anne Arundel Medical Center’s DeCesaris Cancer Institute’s cancer prevention program.  Listen to the entire interview here. Why would someone want to get screened for cancer? It’s best to first of all prevent cancer but the second best[…]


Work Friendship Leads to Healthier Lifestyles

It’s not unusual to see Stephanie Hammons and Renee Franklin walking the halls of Anne Arundel Medical Center (AAMC) at lunchtime.  In fact, it’s very common to see these teammates from the Communications Department walking together on one of AAMC’s walking paths, logging steps every day on their lunch break.[…]

  1. Kelly Swan: I love this story. I especially appreciate that Stephanie goes to the gym with her kids every day!

  2. candace: This is my niece Stephanie Hammons and her best friend Renee..I am very proud that they came this far together…