Knowing Is Half the Battle

As someone who spent an entire career explaining sensitive and sometimes complicated information to the American public, clear communication has always been important to Marlin Fitzwater. The 69-year-old Deale resident spent a decade as the Whitehouse press secretary under Presidents Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush. It is not surprising,[...]


Doctor Climbs Mountains, Lifts Spirits for Cancer Survival

At the summit of Tanzania’s Mount Kilimanjaro, Matt King, MD and the 15 members of his climbing party unfurled a flag honoring friends and family who have battled cancer. Among the climbers were four survivors who had faced cancer a combined seven times. They joined Dr. King as participants in Survivor[...]

  1. Charlote Wallace: Congratulations on co-founding Survirors Summit and inspiring many to push beyond their comfort levels. I loved reading that you stayed…

  2. Bettye C. Mayes: As a breast cancer survivor this was a inspiration for us who have gone through the treatments and survived. Congratulations…