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Relieving pain in sensitive places

Most of us are comfortable sharing with family and friends our woes of back, neck or leg pain. But what about when you have pain in a place where—ahem—no one really talks about? Enter Karen Dobbs. A physical therapist specializing in the pelvic floor, Karen helps men and women suffering[...]

  1. PTpatient: Dedicated medical specialists such as this restore my faith in humanity. It must be so hard for these patients to…

  2. Lorraine: Thanks for all that you do, Karen Dobbs. Your work is so important and very much appreciated!

  3. Susan: Thank you for helping people reduce pain and improve their quality of life.


Delivering Two Decades of Care at Chester River OB/GYN

By the time Anthony Moorman, MD, had completed his military service as an army OB/GYN, he had spent his entire life in cities. But he was drawn to the sense of community that came with practicing in a rural town. So, when he discovered Chestertown, Md., Dr. Moorman decided to[...]

  1. RecentPTpatient: Nice to know there are still some neighborhood doctors around who get to know the community and patients. I send…

  2. Jean MOORMAN: One of the greatest rewards I have been given is to have loved Anthony his entire life and to realize…


Regaining intimacy: Physical therapy gives couple hope

Last August, doctors found a large tumor in Jeannette Mitchell’s abdomen and diagnosed her with stage 3 cervical cancer.  For two years, she had experienced pain and bleeding with sexual intercourse.  A year later, after chemo and radiation therapy for her cancer, sex was impossible. But a specialized pelvic floor[...]

  1. Jeannette mitchell: I want to give thanks so much to all my doctors and nurses and everyone who has help me get…

  2. patricia marshall: Jeannette I have been keeping you and Jimmy in my prayers. Keep your faith and your strength. Praying for you…


A Change for Good

Like many of us, AAMC employees Peggy Rabuck and Joyce Kroneberger were no strangers to dieting. So when they saw a new “diet” advertised at AAMC from the reputable Mayo Clinic, they decided to give it a try. “It was unlike any other program I’ve done,” says Kroneberger. “This was[...]


Sling Procedure Cures Urinary Incontinence for Competitive Runner

For 42-year-old runner Karen Metler, urinary incontinence had posed a challenge during her first marathon and threatened her aspiration to run a second. The federal accountant from Dunkirk had been waging a silent battle against urinary leaking whenever she laughed, coughed or sneezed. Director of the Women’s Center for Pelvic[...]