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When Denial Leads to a Close Call


Forty-six-year-old Wayne Gebelein still plays lacrosse on the 35-and-over league. He’s just not ready to move up with the 45-and-over crowd. “I’m a » read more

Hip Pain Doesn’t Have to Be Forever

Bobbie Kesecker had been living with chronic pain and catching in her hips for at least ten years. Doctors had told her there » read more

In It to Win It. RAPP Program Detects Early Breast Cancer

Annie SmithJones

Annie Smith-Jones knew her family history with breast cancer—mother, grandmother and aunt—meant she had a much greater than average chance of being diagnosed » read more

Physical Therapy Reduces Painful Vaginal Stenosis

Although radiation therapy successfully treated 64-year-old Mary Davis’ anal cancer, it left her with painful scar tissue in the vaginal and anal areas. » read more

Simple Device Alleviates Painful Bladder Retention

For many years, Alice Thompson wasn’t able to empty her bladder completely when she urinated. Over time, her symptoms grew worse until the » read more

Sling Procedure Cures Urinary Incontinence for Competitive Runner

For 42-year-old runner Karen Metler, urinary incontinence had posed a challenge during her first marathon and threatened her aspiration to run a second. » read more

Finding Relief from Over Active Bladder

At 68, Marguerite Morris had been afraid to leave her house. For about nine months she had searched for a solution to her » read more

Young Woman Survives Sudden Cardiac Arrest


There seemed to be nothing special about Saturday, June 16, 2012, when Annapolis High School art teacher Ana Duhon and her mother went » read more

Minimally Invasive Surgery for Rare Back Condition

By the time Joan MacLean met AAMC neurosurgeon Gary Dix, MD, she had been relying on a wheel chair for two years. The » read more

Robotic Surgery for Prostate Cancer

Less than three weeks after surgery to remove his prostate, Wayne Brown was back at work, walking the floors of the warehouse he » read more

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