Monthly Archive: February 2013

Hackerman-Patz House Welcomes First Guests

The first thing most people learn about parenthood is that plans have to be flexible. So it was fitting that the new Hackerman-Patz » read more

Community Health Center Catches Early Warnings

For patients without a primary care doctor, answers to medical questions can be hard to come by. Often it’s easier to ignore a » read more

Cancer Treatment Takes a Multidisciplinary Approach

When Larry Brosan first noticed a lump on his neck in 2008, he had no idea it signaled the beginning of a three-year » read more

New Approach to Unclogging Coronary Arteries


The traditional approach to angioplasty, a medical procedure in which cardiologists clear blockages in coronary arteries, involves inserting a catheter into the patient’s » read more

AAMC Participates in National Research, Cures Patient’s Knee Pain

Christopher Bell first injured his knee playing tennis nine years ago. Seven years and two surgeries later, he was still in pain, and » read more

Innovative Surgery Cures Uncommon Hip Pain


Thirty-four-year old Jennifer da Rosa had spent several months and visited four different doctors searching for someone to cure her unexplained hip pain. » read more

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