Hip Pain Doesn’t Have to Be Forever


Bobbie Kesecker had been living with chronic pain and catching in her hips for at least ten years. Doctors had told her there wasn’t much that could be done for her. “I had pain in my groin area and down my leg, and a lot of catching in my hip,” says the 44 year-old Gambrills resident. “I thought it was just something that I was going to have to deal with for the rest of my life.”

Then a specialist at Johns Hopkins Hospital diagnosed Bobbie’s condition and sent her to AAMC for the surgery she needed. Orthopedic surgeon Ben Petre, MD, is a hip specialist and one of the few surgeons in the area experienced in treating conditions like Bobbie’s. “She had something called femoral acetabular impingement or FAI,” Dr. Petre says. “People with FAI have too much bone in either the bone or socket of the hip that causes them to rub together.” In addition to the pain directly caused by rubbing bones, FAI can lead to bursitis and torn cartilage in the hip, both of which Bobbie also had.

Dr. Petre performed a minimally invasive arthroscopic surgery to remove the extra bone and repair the torn cartilage. Bobbie’s relief was immediate. “Ten years ago, people were told they simply needed to live with this,” Dr. Petre said. “Now we can offer them a solution.” Bobbie is completely free from hip pain and the catching that plagued her for all those years. “I know this sounds silly,” she says, “but it was a huge moment for me to be able to put my leg up on the counter to shave. It’s the simple things. I am able to cross my leg to put my shoe on and not have pain.”

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