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photo_Lisa and mom Lorraine Gallagher

From Maine To Mom

When Lisa Stiffler’s mother fell critically ill her biggest concern was being by her mother’s side. Although she was hundreds of miles from her home, Lisa was able to focus on what mattered because of the convenience and hospitality of the Hackerman-Patz House for AAMC patient family members. I live[...]

  1. Lisa Stiffler: David at the Hackerman Patz House, was simply amazing. He was a gift from God.

  2. Cathy: We are so fortunate to have the house. The generosity fondue community has made this possible. David makes the place…


A Change for Good

Like many of us, AAMC employees Peggy Rabuck and Joyce Kroneberger were no strangers to dieting. So when they saw a new “diet” advertised at AAMC from the reputable Mayo Clinic, they decided to give it a try. “It was unlike any other program I’ve done,” says Kroneberger. “This was[...]

  1. Cathy: Way to go Peggy and Joyce. You are leaders in helping others to stay healthy.


Knowing Is Half the Battle

As someone who spent an entire career explaining sensitive and sometimes complicated information to the American public, clear communication has always been important to Marlin Fitzwater. The 69-year-old Deale resident spent a decade as the Whitehouse press secretary under Presidents Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush. It is not surprising,[...]

Cathy Sanders

A Rapid Diagnosis for a Rare Disease

Cathy Sanders is the kind of person who rarely goes to the doctor and never expected to have to go to the hospital. But all that changed in March when her daughter came home from school and found her barely conscious. The 51 year-old Arnold resident was in critical condition[...]

  1. Ramesh Patel: Dear Kathy Sanders I am so glad to hear that your rare problem was resolved by a team of doctors…

  2. Hansa: Dr. Patel I am proud of you.

  3. Vasant Datta: Great job Kanak. Proud of you.

  4. Lata: What an amazing story of being correctly diagnosed and great recovery. You were in right hospital with a good team…

  5. Cathy Sanders: I didn't realize anyone had left comments here until now, months later, but I just want to acknowledge to you…

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Karen Goldman

Patient/Family Advisor: Improving the Healthcare Experience for Everyone

As one of the founding members of the Patient and Family Advisory Council, Karen Goldman has spent the past four and a half years helping to keep the patient perspective front and center at AAMC. For the past two years, she’s been co-chair of the council, and is passing the[...]

  1. Betty Gilman: As a past 25 year employee of Anne Arundle Med Center I can relate to Mrs Goldmans love and devotion…

  2. Patience Chaplin: Karen Goldman is a friendly, nurturing, got-your-back kind of person. Her leadership shines in the trenches - beside you -…

  3. Sonja: Having met you, I know that AAMC is lucky to have you as part of their mission of health care…

  4. Claire Trazenfeld: Karen, you are perfect for that job, and I am so glad you are involved. I love your line about…