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Comfort, every step of the way

When Amber Blose was diagnosed with a very aggressive form of breast cancer, barely a year had passed since the loss of her infant son. He had been born four months premature, and the 32-year-old from Glen Burnie was unprepared for another difficult struggle. But Amber says her doctors and[...]

  1. Arlette Hart: As Amber's Mother and hsving been with her at Chemo snd surgery I can attest to the personal care and…

Annie SmithJones

In It to Win It. RAPP Program Detects Early Breast Cancer

Annie Smith-Jones knew her family history with breast cancer—mother, grandmother and aunt—meant she had a much greater than average chance of being diagnosed with breast cancer herself. Her primary care physician, Patricia Czapp, MD, knew it, too. “Primary care docs are trained to assess an individual’s risk for various diseases,[...]