Interview with Joanne Ebner, supervisor of Anne Arundel Medical Center’s DeCesaris Cancer Institute’s cancer prevention program

Looking for cancer with cancer screenings – Excerpts from Living Well with Cancer Podcast

Excerpts from Living Well with Cancer podcast interview with Joanne Ebner, Supervisor of Anne Arundel Medical Center’s DeCesaris Cancer Institute’s cancer prevention program.  Listen to the entire interview here. Why would someone want to get screened for cancer? It’s best to first of all prevent cancer but the second best[…]

Female Generations

Breast and Ovarian Cancer: Can Genetic Counseling Help Determine Risk?

With Angelina Jolie in the news recently for preventatively having her ovaries removed—following a preventative double mastectomy just two years ago—many women have questions about genetic counseling and the role it can play in determining your risk for breast and ovarian cancer. If you test positive for one of the[…]

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What’s In Your Genes?

Genetic counseling might sound a little extraordinary, but there are a number of reasons why ordinary people seek it out. A couple planning a pregnancy may have concerns about a family history of disease. Or a woman whose mom and sister both had breast cancer might want to know more[…]

Ashley Varner, MSW, MBA, OSW-C
Manager, Psychosocial Oncology

What If Your Friend is the One in Eight? How Can You Help?

One in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer sometime in their lifetime, and that means almost all of us will know someone who receives the diagnosis. It can be unsettling when a friend or co-worker is diagnosed. You want to do the right thing, but may wonder what[…]

  1. Cathy: You are a gift to so many. Thank you for all you do for our community.

Navigating through Cancer: Stacy’s Journey

Stacy Stewart was a healthy wife and mother of two—until she found out she had breast cancer. Unsure of what to do next, she went to Anne Arundel Medical Center for treatment. While there, she was assigned to Nurse Navigator Kim Stewart, RN, who helped guide her through the turbulent[…]

  1. Cathy: You are like the gift that keeps giving and we are blessed to get to know you and to have…

  2. marie zeffiro: For those of you who guided Stacey and her family you are what Jesus promised us, Angels to guide us…

  3. Margie Baldwin: I know Stacy personally and she is a very strong willed person! You go Stacy!! Awesome family too! Love you…

  4. Wanda Lewis: The nurse navigators are truly awesome. I can't tell you how many times they intervened and helped keep things sane…


Regaining intimacy: Physical therapy gives couple hope

Last August, doctors found a large tumor in Jeannette Mitchell’s abdomen and diagnosed her with stage 3 cervical cancer.  For two years, she had experienced pain and bleeding with sexual intercourse.  A year later, after chemo and radiation therapy for her cancer, sex was impossible. But a specialized pelvic floor[…]

  1. Jeannette mitchell: I want to give thanks so much to all my doctors and nurses and everyone who has help me get…

    • Marla Feurer: Jeannette! I haven't seen you in years since we worked together at Aerotek! I'm glad to see you doing well…

  2. patricia marshall: Jeannette I have been keeping you and Jimmy in my prayers. Keep your faith and your strength. Praying for you…