Injury Prevention Tips for Lacrosse Parents

Preventing Lacrosse Injuries

A small, hard rubber ball…long sticks…and the speed of soccer with the contact of hockey. Can you think of a more injury-inviting sport than lacrosse? Lacrosse is gaining popularity, making it one of the fastest growing team sports in the United States. U.S. Lacrosse estimates the game is played by[…]

The Power of Parents in Preventing Substance Abuse

The Power of Parents in Preventing Substance Abuse

The heroin epidemic in Maryland continues to make headlines. Heroin deaths in Anne Arundel County are on pace to double since 2013, and recently Maryland Governor Larry Hogan and Anne Arundel County officials declared it a “public health emergency.” But as any parent would tell you, it’s not just heroin[…]

  1. Laura Cornwell: Our world is going to have to change to improve problems associated with substance use and abuse. The Drug War…

Following a few simple tips greatly lessens the chance your child will get hurt on the local sledding hill.

Six Tips for Sledding Safety

When winter brings us snow, there’s one place you’ll likely find the neighborhood children — the local sledding hill. Where you don’t want to find them, however, is at the doctor’s office or hospital due to a sledding injury. Yet according to the Journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics[…]