Making an Impact

Christina Delfendahl

Determined to Quit: One Employee’s Journey to Stamp Out Smoking

One Friday, after a long day at work at Anne Arundel Medical Center, Christina Delfendahl decided she was done with cigarettes. She was literally tired of smoking after 16 years of the habit. A quick stop after work at the local pharmacy to pick up nicotine patches, and she was[…]

  1. Lisa Luna-Martinez: I'm a smoker myself and I have tried so many times to quit, but I'm still smoking!! Your story gives…

Pathways helps kids say no

Helping the Community Live Healthier

We are committed to improving the health of our community, illustrated by this sampling of our community outreach efforts: Helping Kids Say No Amanda Larkins is a prevention educator who visits high school students in their classrooms as part of a partnership among Anne Arundel County Public Schools, county coalitions and AAMC’s Pathways Prevention Program. The[…]

Karen Goldman

Patient/Family Advisor: Improving the Healthcare Experience for Everyone

As one of the founding members of the Patient and Family Advisory Council, Karen Goldman has spent the past four and a half years helping to keep the patient perspective front and center at AAMC. For the past two years, she’s been co-chair of the council, and is passing the[…]

  1. Betty Gilman: As a past 25 year employee of Anne Arundle Med Center I can relate to Mrs Goldmans love and devotion…

  2. Patience Chaplin: Karen Goldman is a friendly, nurturing, got-your-back kind of person. Her leadership shines in the trenches - beside you -…

  3. Sonja: Having met you, I know that AAMC is lucky to have you as part of their mission of health care…

  4. Claire Trazenfeld: Karen, you are perfect for that job, and I am so glad you are involved. I love your line about…


Doctor Climbs Mountains, Lifts Spirits for Cancer Survival

At the summit of Tanzania’s Mount Kilimanjaro, Matt King, MD and the 15 members of his climbing party unfurled a flag honoring friends and family who have battled cancer. Among the climbers were four survivors who had faced cancer a combined seven times. They joined Dr. King as participants in Survivor[…]

  1. Charlote Wallace: Congratulations on co-founding Survirors Summit and inspiring many to push beyond their comfort levels. I loved reading that you stayed…

  2. Bettye C. Mayes: As a breast cancer survivor this was a inspiration for us who have gone through the treatments and survived. Congratulations…


On a Mission

The year was 1997 when Edward Zebovitz, DDS, first learned about the crucial need for medical and dental care in developing regions of the world such as the Philippines, Caribbean, East Africa, and Bangladesh. “A colleague of my father’s was doing mission trips, and I knew I had to get[…]

  1. J Baker-Poe RN: Wonderful MD, and overall an extrememly generous person.