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Bike like a girl: Working moms push the limits

“When did doing something ‘like a girl’ become an insult?”  That is the question Always feminine products asked us this year during their Super Bowl commercial. Anne Arundel Medical Center nurses Kristin Seibert and Andréa Williams started asking this question last summer when they decided to train for Race[…]

  1. Carla Gore: Wow! You go girls! Very impressive!

Athletic man tying shoelace

Knee Injuries in the Weekend Warrior: Common Injuries, Prevention and Treatment

Weekend warriors are people who only participate in activities in their spare time. They may or may not maintain a routine exercise program and then participate in vigorous activities over a short or abbreviated period of time. Does this sound like you? Frequently, this is a recipe for injury. Common[…]

  1. Jeannie Hall: Won't ice delay healing for tendon injuries? RE: the RICE recommendation has been updated to exclude ice (use only for…

  2. thestory: Hi Jeannie! Thanks for your inquiry. Dr. Petre's response is: "Ice is not a cure for tendinitis. It is a…

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Special Delivery: AAMC Leads With New Family-Centered C-Sections

The Caminitis’ story was featured on NPR’s Morning Edition. Click here to read the story and listen to the broadcast. AAMC’s patient-focused care helped Kristen DeBoy Caminiti have her dream birth experience   Kristen DeBoy Caminiti has a photo she loves. Actually it’s more than that. “It’s my favorite picture, ever,” she[…]

  1. Dawn Tang: Dr Penn delivered both of my baby girls one in 2009 & 2014. Both c-section births. He is an amazing…

  2. Josephine LeMaster: Awesome AAMC ; proud to have worked for you! I see you are still keeping it family:)

  3. shequela medley: I would love that I've had 3 c sections already. I'm scheduled to have one next month with this child

  4. Jennifer Morgan: That's amazing. So happy for your family. Dr. Penn is the best and delivered both of my children via c-section.…

    • Kristen Caminiti: Thank you!!

  5. kris: I had my little one there in November via c section and they brought my baby to my face while…

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