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Special Delivery: AAMC Leads With New Family-Centered C-Sections

The Caminitis’ story was featured on NPR’s Morning Edition. Click here to read the story and listen to the broadcast. AAMC’s patient-focused care helped Kristen DeBoy Caminiti have her dream birth experience   Kristen DeBoy Caminiti has a photo she loves. Actually it’s more than that. “It’s my favorite picture, ever,” she[…]

  1. Dawn Tang: Dr Penn delivered both of my baby girls one in 2009 & 2014. Both c-section births. He is an amazing…

  2. Josephine LeMaster: Awesome AAMC ; proud to have worked for you! I see you are still keeping it family:)

  3. shequela medley: I would love that I've had 3 c sections already. I'm scheduled to have one next month with this child

  4. Jennifer Morgan: That's amazing. So happy for your family. Dr. Penn is the best and delivered both of my children via c-section.…

    • Kristen Caminiti: Thank you!!

  5. kris: I had my little one there in November via c section and they brought my baby to my face while…

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DocsTALK Podcast Explores Chronic Pain: Why You Might Have It and What You Can Do

Listen to the March 2015 docsTALK podcast.  For March’s docsTALK podcast, hosts Drs. John Martin and Briana Walton help us navigate through the issue of chronic pain. Here’s an excerpt from the lively discussion: John: I feel like I have a lot of experience on this topic because my parents told me I was[…]

5 Heart Health Myths Exposed

Five Heart Health Myths Exposed

This Heart Month let’s break the cycle on some common heart health myths. Myth #1 – Eggs and other foods high in cholesterol are unhealthy and to be avoided. The cholesterol in foods actually has little effect on most people’s cholesterol levels. In fact, the Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee’s recent[…]

Plumbing vs. Electricity:  The Difference Between Heart Attack and Cardiac Arrest

Plumbing vs. Electricity: The Difference Between Heart Attack and Cardiac Arrest

Just because you know your risk for a heart attack, doesn’t mean you know your risk for heart failure. Oftentimes people use the terms heart attack and cardiac arrest interchangeably, even though they are two distinct conditions. Heart Attack = Plumbing Issue You can think of a heart attack as[…]

  1. Myra Nuton: This is great information and I love the analogy of plummbing and electrical problems to help distinguish the two.


Live Young at Heart with AAMC’s Heart Month Tips and Events

A healthy heart means you’re doing what you love and living each day to the fullest. Need a little help getting there? This Heart Month Anne Arundel Medical Center offers a variety of tips, events and information to help you stay young at heart. Young@Heart Do you know your “heart[…]

  1. L. Clark: Thanks AAMC for doing such an outstanding job with Heart Month awareness. Looking forward to attending a few of the…

  2. Happy Heart Month! »: [...] Click here to see what’s happening throughout the month. [...]

  3. FMHartman: I'll be wearing RED this Friday and encouraging my workplace to do the same. We have to encourage heart health…