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Six Activities that Can Prevent 70% of Heart Attacks

February is American Heart Month, and a time to build awareness about the number one killer in America – heart disease. What if I told you there were six things you could do to make you 70 percent less likely to have a heart attack? A new study in the[…]

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Following a few simple tips greatly lessens the chance your child will get hurt on the local sledding hill.

Six Tips for Sledding Safety

When winter brings us snow, there’s one place you’ll likely find the neighborhood children — the local sledding hill. Where you don’t want to find them, however, is at the doctor’s office or hospital due to a sledding injury. Yet according to the Journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics[…]


Win at Losing

What Susan Dennis says is most extraordinary about her life now is that it is so ordinary. In the last few months, she’s taken many long walks, gone to a baseball game, flown to Florida on vacation, and walked down the beach in a swimsuit. Nothing that unusual for a[…]

  1. Teresa Cooper: Dear Susan, I am scheduled for gastric bypass surgery on March 9,2015, with Dr. Gandsas. I keep thinking if I…

    • Susan Dennis: Teresa, I was very nervous prior to surgery, but I now know it was the smartest decision I have every…

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Surgery Pushes Weight Loss, but New Health Habits are the Key to Success

In 2012, Tammy Smith weighed 340 pounds. She attended a weight loss surgery seminar and decided to have gastric sleeve bypass. Her journey to new health habits began several months prior to her surgery, leading to a nearly 200-pound weight loss. Here’s Tammy’s story in her own words: Two years[…]

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Tyraia Colbert (right) upped her chance for weight loss success by selecting her mom, Kay, as her workout buddy.

New Year, New You: Inspiration from Tyraia’s Journey to a Healthier Weight

Wake-up calls come in all forms. For Tyraia Colbert, a tele-health assistant who works nights in the Communications Department at Anne Arundel Medical Center (AAMC), her wake-up call to get healthy came in the form of shoes. “I couldn’t wear my high heels,” Tyraia laughed. “I was too big, and[…]


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Mayo book

New Year’s Resolutions, Workout Buddies and Adding the Mayo for Weight Loss Success

Listen to the January 2015 AAMC docsTALK podcast here. From discussing workout buddies to making healthy food choices, our hosts Drs. John Martin and Briana Walton engage in a lively radio discussion (about 16 minutes) about healthy weight New Year’s resolutions. Here’s an excerpt: Briana: So, do you think we[…]